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I cannot say enough good things about Amie Hyman and the work she does.

My dad is 96 and in a skilled nursing facility.  My sister and I both live in another state.  
Amie is my dad's "advocate" and she does a fabulous job.  When we first hired her,
she met with my dad and became familiar with his health issues and financial status.
She has been instrumental in ensuring the best care for him from the skilled nursing facility.
She accompanies him to all his doctor's appointments and has helped him sort through the 
Medicare maze.  My dad has come to rely on her expertise and very caring attitude.

I honestly don't think there is anyone like her.  She is the best!!

Janice G Bert
February 2016

Amie Hyman and Heartfelt Solutions work tirelessly on behalf of their clients. Amie started her company after helping her own mom navigate the overwhelming world of senior issues. Every client is treated like a family member by Amie as she makes sure that clients are treated fairly and receive what they are entitled to. Her attention to detail ensures that clients' affairs, whether that be money management, insurance matters, note taking and understanding doctors' orders, make for a well cared for senior.

Since so many, unbelievably, will take advantage of seniors, Amie is fiercely protective of her clients’ privacy and affairs. It's not often you can say someone whom you hire has a sincere interest in the welfare of every facet of your life. But with Amie, this is what you get. Someone who will take on your senior loves ones' personal affairs as if she were a family member herself. Amie has a vested interest in the lives of her clients, and for that reason, she will always be someone I feel comfortable referring my clients to.

Kerry Quirin
Senior Living Advisor
Senior Living Experts
February 2016

Amie Hyman, had been a care manager to a dear friend of mine, Barbara, a prolific and amazing artist, during her last years.  In that time Amie, as a highly qualified professional, not only helped her get to the arts functions she needed and wanted to attend, but took care of so many of her day to day necessities as well as her various financial matters. After Barbara’s passing, since she had no living relatives, Amie arranged a lovely memorial event at a gallery well known to this artist and all her friends, saw to it that her closest friends received some token of her art, or other items as per Barbara’s wishes, and fulfilled Barbara’s requests as per her will.

At the same time Amie worked to secure Barbara's legacy by finding museums and organizations which would want to have her work in their collections.  This entailed a tremendous amount of time and research, including having each piece photographed by a professional photographer, properly catalogued, labeled and wrapped. The time and energy Amie devoted far exceeded the usual, and I am grateful for my friend’s sake that her needs and wishes were so well fulfilled.  

Thank you Amie.

Judith Roth
November 2015

My doctor recommended Amie Hyman to me. He should recommend her to all his seniors. I wouldn't have been able to do this without her!

Carolle S.
June 2015

Amie tended a dear friend of mine, BA, for more than four years with compassion, integrity and efficiency. She was a godsend to BA, a somewhat finicky urban professional, debilitated but still alert in her senior years and without any family. Amie stayed true to BA's wishes, took care of her medical and financial needs with a lot of love and patience, and arranged a moving memorial service for colleagues and friends when BA died in August 2014. As BA's former physician, I often interacted with Amie regarding her medical conditions, and I must say Amie was most caring, knowledgeable and concerned.

I would want her to look after any of my closest friends or relatives and trust her completely.

Carl Boyer, MD
December 2014

Dear Amie,

The party was indeed a happy and very fitting closure for Barbara's life and career!  I surely appreciate your apparent insight and understanding of Barbara to have orchestrated such an appropriate and meaningful event.  You do have a gift for your vocation but your effort to make such an event happen is extraordinary!

Heartfelt thanks!  

Kathryn Kucera
October 2014

Dear Mr. Smith,

I would like to thank you for sending Amie Hyman to help me with my finances.  She is a great help to me and went above and beyond her duties by helping with my medical/health needs as well.

I thought I knew everything but I learned so much from Amie.  She is a very thorough person and she is sharp! She was a welcome sight every time she came. I would be concerned about my finances and would sometimes panic.  She would help me to calm down and set my mind at ease.

I have been a better person with my bills and with people because Amie tells me like it is. With kindness, Amie told me so many things that I did not know.

Thanks to Amie, I’m 78 years old and growing up!

With gratitude,

Ruth M. B.
July 2013

Amie is a wonderful resource for seniors and I have been very impressed with her work.

She truly puts her heart into the care and support of her clients.  Amie is a skilled business professional who is extremely compassionate and has a thorough knowledge of geriatric resources.

Patricia J. Porter
Community Relations/Belmont Village/Oak Park
June 2013

I don't know what Harriet would have done without you. You are such a gift!

Dr. Deirdre Tannen, PSYD
Clinical Neuropsychologist, Psychologist
February 2013

Amie has provided invaluable services to Maxine for the past two and a half years. Maxine has Alzheimer's disease and is not able to handle her medical or financial affairs.  I am Maxine's Power of Attorney but do not have the time nor the expertise to help Maxine with all of her needs. With skill and compassion, Amie navigates the complex medical system for Maxine and ensures that she has the necessary and best care possible. She also takes care of all of her bills and other financial matters including organizing all of her documents at income tax time.

These are the things that Maxine hired Amie for. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty, however, on many, many occasions. She researched and found appropriate housing for Maxine when her condition declined and even supervised the move. She buys her clothes and toiletries whenever she is in need. She is the ultimate advocate for Maxine.

Maxine has come to love Amie and considers her a true friend. Amie is organized, thorough and knowledgeable but most of all, she truly cares. Maxine is not just a client to her. I, along with all of Maxine’s friends, know that they can trust and count on Amie completely. I don’t know what we would have done without her.

Eileen C.
January 2013

I have found Amie Hyman’s service to be extraordinarily good. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs good care and careful precision. She helps me with income taxes, doctor’s appointments, bills and many other things.

Amie is a very good manager. I have no immediate family so I needed someone who was very trustworthy, like Amie. She is my Power of Attorney for health and finance and co-trustee of my estate. She also helped me find my attorney who is very responsible.

Barbara A.
December 2012

We were very lucky to find Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors. My sister and I live thousands of miles from our mother who is 84 years-old. Amie Hyman’s compassionate, well-organized and efficient aid to our Mom is the next best thing to being there ourselves. We genuinely feel as if we have another family member looking out for our mother’s best interests; helping her organize her finances and medical care. We wholeheartedly recommend Amie’s services to others who are concerned about their parents or other relatives.

Geoff M.
March 2012

Amie Hyman is a skilled professional who has developed a concept of care for seniors that goes above and beyond. Our mother hired Amie to help with many of the things that we were unable to do, being out of state. Amie is not only a skilled professional, she is a caring and empathic one. Words cannot fully express the peace of mind that her service has brought to our family. I would recommend Amie without reservation to anyone who needs "heartfelt solutions for seniors." The name of her company could not be more fitting.

Naomi F.
February 2011

Amie has been helping me for about five months and I have found her to be a pleasure to work with. She is organized and resourceful, works quickly and efficiently and always gets the job done. She returns my phone calls promptly and is always on time for our appointments. Come to think of it, she is always available when I need her which is a very good feeling. I don't like needing this kind of help, but Amie's patience, thoughtfulness, caring and friendliness make it easier. I highly recommend her.

Charlotte B.
April 2010

During the appointment, she (Amie) conveys important information her client may have forgotten and asks questions that are critical to her client's cardiac health. The client's medical conditions are complex and her medications are changed frequently. Amie ensures that new prescriptions are filled accurately and quickly, the correct medications are taken going forward, the appropriate blood work and other tests are completed and that her client makes it to the subsequent appointment.

My associate and I have found Amie's help to be invaluable and I have no reservations recommending her as a health advocate for other elderly cardiac patients.

Dr. Michael Burke
Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, Inc.
Division of Cardiology
Department of Medicine
April 2010

You (Amie) have been accompanying my patient to appointments with me since late 2008 and your assistance has been invaluable. You always come prepared with an updated list of medications and a list of problems or issues that the patient may have forgotten to mention. You make sure that I thoroughly understand the medical situation and help me convey important information to the patient. My patient has informed me that she may not remember my instructions to her during our appointment but that you often remind her throughout the week.

I have found you to be very organized, competent and caring. You have been an excellent advocate for my patient and I recommend you wholeheartedly.

Asim Hameeduddin, M.D.
Internal Medicine Associates, LLC
April 2010

One might expect a mother to provide an outstanding evaluation of her daughter. That is true except that, because I have sixty years of experience as a social service provider and professor, I can also be more objective.

Amie has been my very own personal assistant for a number of years. She has gone above and beyond the ordinary with her help. She assists me with efficiency and gentleness and such loving kindness! That is because that is who she is! Amie, I thank you and honor you for offering the same to others.

Anne Kopp Hyman, PhD, MSW
January 2009


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