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Amie HymanAmie Hyman is the president and owner of Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors. Amie received her Master's degree in social work from the University of Chicago and worked with human service agencies for more than twenty years. Her experience includes all aspects of business and fiscal management and administration as well as counseling and case management for children and adults.

In 2004, Amie created a successful home business with emphasis on sales and marketing as well as management/financial consultation and assistance to nonprofit agencies. She is a licensed social worker, a member of the National Association of Health Care Advocacy Consultants, the American Association of Daily Money Managers, the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and is an AARP trained money manager volunteer.

Starting in 2005, she began attending to the medical, personal, tax, financial, real estate, insurance and mobility needs of her 80-year-old mother, a PhD trained social worker herself. After several years of wearing many different hats to help her mother, two things happened. Amie and her mother decided it was easier to give and receive help if they thought of Amie as a personal assistant. In addition, Amie started thinking about all the older folks whose children, due to distance or their own busy schedules, want to help them and cannot. In 2008 Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors, Your Personal Assistant! was born.

Amie HymanAccording to her clients, business professionals, and of course her mother, Amie is a compassionate and resourceful professional with thorough knowledge of geriatric services and networks in Chicagoland. She is detail-oriented and delivers excellent customer service by addressing client's needs and concerns. Diligent, efficient, and thorough with exceptional follow through skills, Amie has an uncanny ability to get answers, resolve disputes and get things done on behalf of her client.

If you are growing older, we know how hard it is to let go of the things you've always done by yourself. We know it is sometimes a challenge to consider accepting help.

If you are the son or daughter of an older person, we know how you may worry. We know the guilt you may feel because you can't do everything you'd like to do for your mother or father. We know you struggle to balance working and/or taking care of your own family with care of your parent.

Our goal is to help make your life a little easier with Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors - to give you or your loved one their own personal assistant - so that everyone can live a quality life.


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